Digital Strategy

Though I have had a wealth of experience with Digital Strategy, recently I decided it would be beneficial to also add academic knowledge of the subject so that I can work with an even greater array of skills to achieve truly spectacular results – something which I achieved in my next position at The Air Ambulance Service by within six months more than doubling digital income, growing website traffic by double-figures, and quadrupling Facebook reach and engagement.

In 2017 I received a Diploma (with Distinction) in Digital Strategy from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. This was a 150-hour course examining how the management of digital channels and the application of key digital measures can help to achieve business objectives, using the disruptive digital landscape to deliver objectives.

At Barclaycard and The Air Ambulance Service I have created entire new strategies and built up teams from scratch, able to lead from a content perspective as well as to oversee and source technical builds, such as most recently producing a website RFP as well as creating and refining a multichannel publishing calendar – while at the same time overseeing digital elements of a seven-figure campaign including programmatic, PPC, online display, paid social, and SEO.

With Red Bull my role was slightly different, informing the overall strategy but focussing on the day-to-day implementation to ensure that daily deadlines could be met while we also planned for major campaigns well in advance, using the vastly increased resources to further build a global network and share learnings through digital communications tools. We expanded social channels, creating specific strategy plans for each, and learned from the best in terms of using cutting-edge techniques to remain ahead of peers in terms of results and achievements.