Digital transformation

What does it mean to achieve digital transformation? Luckily I have some very practical example gained through no shortage of blood, sweat, and salty tears.

These are some of those, but please get in contact if you wish to hear more:

  • I transformed The Air Ambulance Service as its first ever Head of Digital and Innovation from a charity that was undernourished in its digital offering to one that is truly innovative. I speak more about specific innovative projects in that section so will leave mention of Facebook Donate and crypto-mining there. As well as those attention-grabbing efforts my main work was based on building up the digital proposition almost from scratch: writing an entire digital strategy and creating/hiring a new team custom-built to achieve a doubling in donations and quadrupling in Facebook reach within just six months. I also produced a comprehensive RFP for a cutting-edge website, refined its donation mechanism, and used content marketing alongside analytics to ensure that stories were told which would engage and grow the audience, with conversions firmly in mind.
  • As Global Digital Editorial Manager at Red Bull I shaped its multichannel content strategy and substantially increased its online reach and engagement. In 2016 we reached more than three billion people, with more than 100 million fans on social media. My role there required leadership, creativity, commitment, and the ability to work cross-functionally across departments and channels while remaining highly organised and focused on the audience. At the same time I was prioritising and weighing up resources, overseeing the implementation and rollout of the new website across 50 different country sites – it had an innovative “every page is a home page” approach which I have gone on to speak about at conferences and successfully implement elsewhere. Again this was based upon audience behaviour and drilling down into analytics.
  • While Editor for Digital Content and Channels at Barclaycard I was specifically brought in with a digital transformation focus: changing its content marketing team into a newsroom operation with a reactive capability for its earned, owned, and paid media. The team was restructured around a multichannel approach and specific verticals aimed at different persona types, we implemented new Tone of Voice and Editorial Positioning guides, and worked with stakeholders across departments to increase transparency, efficiency, and internal visibility to facilitate buy-in and improve our capabilities.
  • With STV as Senior Digital Producer I was part of a team that grew our daily audience from 5000 per day to more than 200,000. We dramatically increased the amount of produced video content, enabled comments to increase engagement, launched new sections based upon audience interest, produced project plans and created dedicated teams to publish content around major shows such as The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent while they were broadcasting with audience interest at its peak, and I was personally responsible for creating and managing its first Facebook and Twitter presences.