Content marketing

Where better to learn about Content Marketing than at the company who created and perfected the approach? As Global Digital Editorial Manager at Red Bull I shaped its multichannel content strategy and substantially increased its online reach and engagement. In 2016 we reached more than three billion people, with more than 100 million fans on social media.

My role there required leadership, creativity, commitment, and the ability to work cross-functionally across departments and channels while remaining highly organised and focused on the audience. From a content marketing perspective I helped shaped its content mix and its end-to-end publishing and optimisation approach, using my previous experience from Barclaycard to personally research, identify, and purchase a bespoke content marketing calendar used to coordinate content publishing across 50 country sites.

At The Air Ambulance Service I utilised a content marketing approach to more than double digital donations, increase website traffic by double digits, and quadruple Facebook reach and engagement within six months. I wrote about this in a highly successful article for leading charities publication The Third Sector entitled “Content marketing for charities – adopting Red Bull’s approach”.

Previously I wrote content strategies for Barclaycard – transforming their digital content team into a fully fledged newsroom proposition – as well as BBC Learning and BBC Children’s. These used my expertise in content to identify content types, the correct mix, editorial position, tone of voice, suitable KPIs, analytics approaches, potential innovations, and much more.