In my most recent role, as Director for Social Media Strategy at MerchantCantos, I have consulted for a number of major and smaller organisations about all things social and digital.

On the more significant side of things this can include creating and shaping overall strategy, and sometimes it can be providing advice on best use of platforms or how to launch and boost a CEO’s online profile.

My significant experience in digital innovation also comes in handy for looking at forthcoming trends and how to best use new formats such as VR, and I am able to field a broad range of questions and use my contacts and background to deliver the most comprehensive answer.

Whatever the challenge, I am able to draw upon my direct experience working at brands such as Red Bull, the BBC, and Barclaycard, as well as my agency work with clients including Philips, HSBC, and Anglo American. My work has covered the B2C and corporate B2B sectors as well as charities and non-profits, with tangible successes in all of these fields.

Please get in contact for further details. I am available for one-off projects and challenges as well as continuing consultancy.