You will find more specific details of my work in the other sections, so consider this the rough gist.

I was born and grew up in the Highlands of Scotland, lived in Aberdeen for a while, lived in Glasgow for a long time, also with stints in Manchester, London, and Salzburg. I have degrees in Philosophy and Journalism.

I am an expert in digital transformation, pragmatic innovation, and creative content who started in the media business as a subeditor at The Herald before moving onto the digital side of things, where I recorded its first-ever podcast and went on its first-ever video training course. (Those were the days.)

I then joined STV where I worked for a hefty five years on all sorts of exciting things: lots of variety which helped provide great learning experiences. There I helped the planning and production for its major microsites on shows such as The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, while creating and managing its first ever social channels on Facebook and Twitter.

For the BBC in Manchester I produced a series of iWonder guides, the “i” of which stood for “interactive”, so more cutting-edge fun there – combining easy-to-implement interactive modules with broadcast-quality video (featuring primetime talent), photography, and copy. After that I went even further south to first work for ITN and after that for Barclaycard, both involving and challenging positions which involved transforming their audiences through the use of attention-grabbing reactive content which was specifically targeted towards certain demographics, making use of my experience in analytics and user journeys to create personas.

I was then offered the exceptional chance of becoming Digital Editorial Manager for Red Bull. This involved shifting myself to Austria, learning German, and sometimes contemplating what a disaster “learning” how to ski was. Anybody who is familiar with the company will be aware that they are unmatched at what they do, and to have been asked to join was and is truly amazing. Amongst my many roles were looking after strategy, managing our use of editorial platforms, starting a new tech/startup section, and becoming the first ever channel manager for Virtual Reality content, launching in February 2017.

After that I became Head of Digital and Innovation for The Air Ambulance Service. A newly created role, this meant creating an entire digital strategy and building up a whole team from scratch, a substantial though highly satisfying challenge . I worked hard to ensure we were one of the first UK charities to be allowed Facebook’s official Donate fundraising tools, introducing other innovations such as cryptomining and online will writing while ensuring that a comprehensive content calendar plus refined technical donations funnel resulted in us more than double our digital donations within six months.

More recently I’ve been working at Brunswick Group. We’re an international communications and advisory agency that works with many of the world’s largest brands on crisis and general issues. As a director I’ve looked at content and social media strategies with major clients as well as addressing more practical issues and introducing innovations to organisations.

That’s about it work-wise. I also play the bagpipes and drink whisky, and will do both for money. (Not too much of either though, you’ll be glad to hear.) For all of this delivered in more straightforward fashion, visit my Linked In profile.


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